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Mt. Kailash in Tibet, the location of T. Krishnamacharya's learning experience from the Yoga Korunta 


You will recall that I met you, Ren during the first year of the pandemic at a Yoga studio in Burbank, Ca.  After the first "shutdown",

I sought you out and found you..! You know how I always say that things work out as they are supposed to. I was recovering from a serious respiratory illness when I started taking classes at your Yoga shala and I was in terrible shape. Your encouragement enabled me to get back to what I knew I was capable of - and more..! I have enjoyed every moment of every class, even when there was huge effort needed.

Edie Cohen, retired Insurance and Legal services.

Ren is a consummate Yogini. She teaches with the most up to date teachings. She is always studying how to best hone in on her skills to bettering her students with personal one on one attention. She has a strong sense of the origins of Yoga in several forms from the Yoga Koruntha. A true expert in yoga, astrology, with her own unique vision. My scholiosis had been helped by Ren's Yoga instructions; I didn't think anything could help fix it and then one of the many postures, techniques helped it over the years.

Mark Dorian Wenner, MLD, Writer, Zone Trainer

Ren Yoga Maya has a very present and personal way of connecting you with the root of your practice. Her sense of knowledge and spirit is deeply felt throughout the session.

Lin Rock, Artist and Author

I first met Ren Rasa Yogamaya in 2008 at Dance in the Light, through a Yoga class she was teaching. I am sure we knew each other on the soul level and have traveled together in other realms. She is the real deal and walks the talk. She teaches what she lives. She has shown and continues to show me through her actions that yoga is so much more than physical poses and postures. Within and over 12 years, Ren has shown me unconditional love, service, gratitude, surrender, acceptance, astrology, nutrition, and much more. Her passion to learn and teach are of the highest levels. She brings ancient wisdom and new thought together and presents it in applicable real life scenarios. Bliss Wheeler, Founder, House of Bliss Sober Livings, Palm Desert, California.

It is with pleasure and confidence that I highly recommend Ren’s teaching skills to any new student of yoga hoping to incorporate greater levels of acceptance, nurture, and diligence into their daily practice. I was recently blessed with an opportunity to work alongside Ren at her beautiful Yoga Shala and quickly came to understand the benefits of a practice that integrates the core focuses of several different styles of yoga. Although it seemed like it would be overwhelming at first, Ren was able to blend the most important aspects of each of these different styles into a smooth, cohesive session that left me feeling limber, invigorated, and curious to learn more. I also loved being able to understand how certain astrological events manifest in our willingness towards certain postures and how to get the best out of my body given our position in the planetary cycles at that time. Finally, I felt like Ren was able to closely tune into how I felt every morning when we started the session, and that she was able to help me choose achievable goals that tended to my needs while taking into consideration other events going on in my life. I can’t wait to visit her again and see where further experience will bring us!

Erika Hume, Behavioral Health, Case Manager

Ren is by far the best Yoga teacher I have ever experienced. She is an extraordinary person as well. Her knowledge based intuition is always spot on!”

Franny McCartney, Singer and Entertainer

Of the several yoga instructors with whom I’ve studied, I find Ren Yogamaya to be the best at her special calling. Under her expert and caring tutelage, I have reached a level of ability that I had not imagined possible. Ren bring an unrivaled depth of knowledge, experience and passion to her teaching, along with empathy and kindness. No matter how large the class, she strives to understand each individual's unique needs and customizes her instruction to fully nurture every body, mind and spirit.  I leave each yoga session, feeling peaceful, inspired and vibrantly alive. I am grateful that the Universe connected me with Ren Yogamaya.

Ana Best, Marketing Communications Strategist and Author

My client who I've been working with for nearly 9 months and who was paralyzed on her left side of her body, due to a stroke, walked today unassisted! I've been teaching her yoga, to loosen up her paralyzed muscles. It's been an incredible journey. I felt like a proud mother watching her walk. She is so very happy within herself and that is the best part of her transformation that has been the most rewarding to see and be a part of. She is very grateful for my help in this process.

I send you blessings and want to thank you, Ren, for sharing your knowledge with me. I am now sharing this knowledge forward.

Liliana Sanchez, Care-Giver and Community Leader

Wisdom, clarity, patience, devotion, beauty, Ren has it all! After practicing and studying with Ren, I’ve only now realized how much more there is to learn! Years ago, I took a 200 hour teacher-training course. When I finished, I thought I had all the knowledge I needed. And then Ren entered my life, and I discovered, with happiness, that I was only starting my yogic journey. She has introduced long-forgotten postures and techniques that make her style unique and gratifying. This is a rare and wonderful quality in a town that has more yoga teachers than yoga students! But the physical part is comparatively easy. Ren has given me the pathway to find the more evasive and challenging part of myself: inner calm, freedom from the world’s insanity, self love and tolerance. Thank you Ren! 

Christopher Hume, Filmmaker, Yogi

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